Chicken Dishes

These dishes feature chicken and unique blends of spices.

Bublys Cream Chicken


Chicken cooked with fresh methi leaves and simmered in a yellow onion curry.

Chettinad Chicken


Chicken flavoured with South Indian herbs and spices, served in a creamy coconut milk sauce.

Chicken 65


Deep-fried chicken breast, whole spices, curry leaves, and mustard seeds.

Chicken Bhartha


Indian pulled chicken gravy, fresh cream, cumin powder, turmeric powder, and Kashmiri red chilli powder.

Chicken Curry


Chicken flavoured with traditional spices and served Punjab roadside style.

Chicken Korma


Your choice of chicken in a creamy cashew nut sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala


Barbequed chicken cooked in an aromatic and deliciously zesty sauce.

Chicken Vindaloo


Chicken in a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce, flavoured with traditional Indian spices.

Chilli Chicken


Xo sauce, chicken dumplings cooked Indo Chinese style.

Coconut Chicken


Chicken cooked in homemade roasted spices, onions, garlic, and coconut milk.