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Start your meal off right with an authentic Indian appetizer!

Tandoori BBQ

These dishes are cooked fresh in a 900°F clay oven!

Vegetable Dishes

These vegetable dishes are made with Indian spices and seasonings. Expand your palate and try dishes with unique ingredients for an authentic Indian food experience!

Chicken Dishes

These dishes feature chicken and unique blends of spices.

Beef and Lamb Dishes

Delicious dishes bursting with Indian flavors and featuring beef or lamb as the star!

Seafood Dishes

Fresh seafood make these dishes a delight to eat!

Rice and Noodle Dishes

These dishes consist of traditional Indian biryani rice dishes and traditional noodle dishes from parts of Southeast Asia.


Breads are cooked in a 900°F clay oven, making each of them incredibly tasty.


Don't forget to add a drink to complete your meal!